Andrew is a featured columnist for the following leading publications:


Since December 2016, Andrew has been contributing to the leading publication on media, marketing and digital with articles related to Digital Disruption. Read recent pieces on “Becoming Digital Custodians” and “Make online security the responsibility of all your employees or watch your brand get hacked this year” on The Drum website.

In late 2015, Andrew was invited to become a columnist for the ANZ Bank’s thought leadership blog, BlueNotes. He has contributed pieces on Digital Disruption, Employee Advocacy, and Digital Eminence. See all of Andrew’s BlueNotes columns here.

In October 2016, Andrew was invited to contribute to the leading site for Human Resources professionals, Changeboard. He has contributed pieces on Public Speaking and how to Influence the Influencers and what Recruitment can learn from Marketing. Read all of his Changeboard columns here.

In the February 2017  edition of the Charted Institute of PR magazine Influence, Andrew looked at the opportunities for employee advocacy and eminence. View his piece here.

If you would like Andrew to contribute to your publication with market leading, and insightful thinking from a global digital practitioner, please get in touch via the contact page or view his keynote presenter showreel.