Andrew Grill is well qualified and experienced delivering keynote presentations on topics related to digital disruption, the workplace of the future, emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, digital diversity, personal branding, and employee advocacy. He can also develop a bespoke presentation to perfectly delight any audience.

More detail on the content covered in each keynote topic is presented below, with full-length replays of these keynotes alongside each topic. You can explore more examples on the video page, and read client testimonials from previous talks. To enquire about fees and availability, please get in touch via the contact page and select “Speaking Enquiry” from the enquiry type drop-down for a rapid response from the team.

Disrupt or be Disrupted

Digital disruption is happening now, but what does it mean for you and your business? This talk covers topics such as what is digital disruption, how can companies prepare for disruption, tips on how to have a discussion with your board about the issues, how innovation can drive digital transformation, how the network effect will drive innovation, and what can happen to your company if you become disrupted.  This talk can be adapted to suit different industries with practical and relevant examples and is Andrew’s most requested keynote.

Workplace of the future

How can your employees adapt to changes in the nature of work? The nature of work is changing, driven by digital, social and mobile, so how can you and your employees adapt?  This talk examines how the workplace is changing and so are the tools available to enable a more collaborative and efficient environment. It also looks at the demands of new tribes of employees such as millennials and Gen Z.

Are you AI Ready?

Is your firm ready for the changes coming thanks to automation and AI? In this rapidly changing world, new technologies, especially artificial intelligence are having an impact on every industry. Are you ready for these changes, and what can you and your firm do to adapt? Other technologies such as blockchain are already impacting areas such as smart contracts, but what should you do to respond? Younger generations are entering the workplace with different expectations, and the industry is facing increasing demands from clients. To stay ahead, it is essential your firm is agile enough to understand, adapt and attract the people you need to meet these challenges successfully. This talk is ideal for executives, boards of directors as well as sales kick-offs or company annual retreats.

Rising above the noise

How to stand out in the digital world. This talk looks at how personal branding can be used by employees to increase their profile online, and in turn, increase their value to their employer. The talk also covers the notion of personal eminence and provides practical tips on how to create, grow and maintain a personal brand.  The talk is suitable for executives, boards of directors as well as sales kick-offs or annual retreats.

Digital Diversity

Why you need digital practitioners on your board. This talk explains how boards need to change and attract digital talent to remain relevant and competitive and embrace diversity of thought. This talk would be suitable for senior level managers looking to find ways to become more digital in their outlook, and also companies looking to be inspired to make the change to become a digital organisation.

Brand Advocates

Your best advocates are already on the payroll. This talk is suitable for marketers, HR professionals, boards of directors, senior management and corporate audiences on how companies can leverage their own employees to promote the company.  Topics covered include: how do you find and promote your brand advocates, the benefits of a brand advocate program on the bottom line and for recruitment, and also how to provide advocates with tools to be successful.

Andrew also frequently receives requests to speak on a variety of other topics including:

  • Blockchain, Bitcoin, ICO? – what does it all mean for my business and should I jump in and invest?
  • The Digital Telco – how service providers must respond to the challenges faced due to an ever increasingly digital consumer
  • Big Data in the age of Cognitive – how big data + cognitive + IoT is the future
  • Eminence in a Digital World – how you can build and drive an eminence program for your company
  • Brand “You” – Developing and managing your own brand
  • Millennials – finding, managing and motivating them in large and small companies
  • Think and act like a startup – Andrew’s experience running 6 startups over 12 years will help you think and act in an agile way
  • New technology trends – Blockchain, Ethereum, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive computing – what’s next?

Andrew is also an accomplished TEDx presenter. You can review his past talks on the TEDx page, and you can see Andrew’s upcoming and previous speaking engagements from around the world as well as read testimonials from previous clients.